Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

Sonya Berg organized a garden party to rid the pollinator garden of invasive weeds. She brought photos of the plants to keep (all grasses, gaillardia, flax, verbena, Mexican Hat, and asters) and those to root out (very healthy bindweed, tumbleweed, wild lettuce, and many more). Ten or so weeders showed up and created mountains of weeds in short order.

Garden Party Photo Album

10 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Jul 2014
  • Debbie Pike leans out of her office window to check on the worker bees.
  • A few of the ten weed workers at the Refuge. Adam Berg,Sonya Berg, Percyne Gardner, Jean Ganaway, Ted Winston, and Rachel Garcia.
  • Sonya Berg and Jenny Davis attack the weeds.
  • Adam Berg with an unfortunate weed.
  • A contemplative Jenny.
  • Coreopsis tinctoria (not a weed).
  • Sonya Berg, Percyne Gardner, and Jean Ganaway at work.
  • Steve Reichert builds a pile of weeds.
  • Rachel Garcia at work. Note the full Benton Pond and the filling Melton Pond behind here. And all the green vegetation.
  • Sonya Berg and Steve Reichert consult on which plants are truly weeds.

Friends of Las Vegas (New Mexico) National Wildlife Refuge

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