Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge
25 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Dec 2015
  • Roating images represented Friends' activities in years past. Here, the Blue Goose with Rob's Ford at the Concert for the Birds 2015.
  • Pauline Handy, this year's Blue Goose, struggled into the costume.
  • A hidden Friends rotated the display of the years, beneath a clock showing the 50 years.
  • The NEW Blue Goose read to the children from her iBirds Tablet.
  • A fellow float from the Dept of Transportation had a showplow with living snow on this warm evening.
  • A standin for the Blue Goose tries on the multi-part costume.
  • The white-bearded OLD Blue Goose read to the kids from a paper book.
  • The Blue Goose hugs a tiny friend.
  • A group picture of Friends before the parade. Front: Rachel Garcia, Connie Reichert, Beverly Garrett, Conrad Chavez, Tom Lambeth (reindeer), xx, yy, Johanna Keenan. Back: Ted Winston, Photo Display ZZ

Friends of Las Vegas (New Mexico) National Wildlife Refuge

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