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Green Fire

02 Mar 2012 9:20 AM | Anonymous
The NMHU Conservation Club, Hermit's Peak Watershed Alliance, and the Friends of Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge sponsored a showing of the recent film, Green Fire, a remembrance of the conservationist Aldo Leopold, born 125 years ago. A good crowd, from a Cub Scout den to Highlands University students to senior citizens  filled Sininger Hall's theater on March 1. A highlight of the showing was a brief recollection of Leopold by Richard Bodner, who knew and worked with him in New Mexico. He described Leopold's "San Miguel County connection."

Leopold immersed himself in nature as a young child in Burlington, IA, and became one of the first forest rangers in the USA as it discovered its own natural resources. As part of the movement to exterminate predators in the early 20th century, he experienced an epiphany when he saw the "green fire" leave the eyes of a dying wolf. He soon after realized the importance of predator to the health of the ecosystem, including the balance between predator and prey.

Leopold's eloquent writing spurred the environmental movement behind the National Wildlife Refuges and eventually the reintroduction of wolves. Now Curt Meine's eloquent and beautifully photographed film brings Aldo Leopold back to life in our minds.


  • 02 Mar 2012 3:41 PM | Anonymous
    Well said of the Leopold showing--I'm sure there were a few more young Leopolds seeded to carry on in the future.
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